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Looking Through a Lens Community Projects 2015 and 2016

28 Feb 2015

As part of our Heritage Lottery Funded 'Looking through a Lens' project Kendal Museum will have the following events for visitors and the community run by the Museum staff and volunteers.
Below is the schedule of events planned; some dates have been confirmed, some to be confirmed! So keep looking and see what's happening.

Wednesday 1 April 2015:
Photography Workshop with George Platt local photographer and digital consultant. This workshop will help attendees use photography in a creative manner and experience heritage in a creative way. £10.00 per participant.

Wednesday 29 April 2015:
Afternoon talk by Ian Hodkinson on Cumbria's Herbarium History at 2.30pm.
Tickets £5.00 per person, booking essential on 01539 815597.

Wednesday 6 May 2015:
Afternoon talk by Mike Dewey on Cumbria's Mining History at 2.30pm.
Tickets £5.00 per person, booking essential on 01539 815597.

July 2015: tbc
Family drop in day based on 'Natural Elements in Archaeology' with YAC and the Festival of Archaeology. Date tbc.

Tuesday 4 August 2015: 
Artistic workshop with Marianne Birkby based on the mineral and herbarium. This workshop being run by well-known Cumbrian artist Marianne Birkby will encourage the community to experience heritage in a creative way. All welcome. More information to follow.

June and July 2015: tbc
Seed planting days - getting the community growing the project - literally! Dates tbc.

September 2015: 
YAC workshop - Natural Elements in Archaeology. Our monthly YAC meeting will be focused on minerals and how they were used by our ancestors. New members are always welcome to join YAC. Children must be 8 years of old to join. £3.00 per child per month.

Tuesday 17 November 2015: 
Website and exhibition launch with celebration in Kendal Museum that afternoon. The community are invited to celebrate the completion of the digitising of the minerals and herbarium with the launch of the website with images of the specimens on show in the museum for the touring exhibition. There will also be an art installations from Janette Phillips.

November 2015 to October 2016: 
On the first Saturday of the month we will be running family workshops based on the natural elements in minerals and flowers. More information to follow.

Touring exhibition 2016:
The touring exhibition consisting of a 'pop up exhibition' will be on tour around various places in Cumbria. Keep looking for the list of venues!

February and May 2016:
Herbarium workshops with local nursing homes and Alzheimer’s charities. These workshops will revolve around the social history of herbarium such as flower pressing.

October 2016:
Be a Miner Activity Family Day. A fun and informative day about life down a mine that will promote the digitisation of the collections, while getting children and adults involved. Date tbc.

March to May 2016:
Drawing workshops that will focus on the mineral and herbarium collections to create a unique piece for attendees. More information to follow.