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Kendal Museum’s Bird Collection

A meticulous project to identify and catalogue every single specimen of bird at a Cumbrian museum has been completed after almost 10 years. 

All 1,681 specimens of the impressive bird collection at the World Wildlife Gallery in Kendal Museum have been catalogued for the first time with help from Museum & Gallery Skills students, staff and particularly volunteer, Judith Robinson.

Much of the collection dates from the nineteenth century and Kendal Museum is now working to refurbish the gallery to make it possible for every single specimen to be on public display.

The fully catalogued collection includes a note of 2017 IUCN* status, which shows that there are more than 10 specimens of birds on the red list as being endangered or critically endangered and many more classed as vulnerable or near-threatened. There are also specimens of the extinct Huia from New Zealand and the possibly extinct Eskimo Curlew and the Ecuadorian Turquoise-throated Puffleg hummingbird. 

Download the full catalogue here