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Lake District Natural History Gallery

Find out about the geology of the Lake District, including the intense volcanic activity that produced the great mountain ranges, and follow a nature trail through various habitats.

In this gallery you can follow an illustrated geological history of the Lake District, beginning 520 million years ago, through all the major geological periods to the present day.

Collections on display include a wealth of fossils, local shales, flags, grits and slates, and many local minerals and rock types.

The second section of the gallery is devoted to a series of dioramas taking the form of a nature trail looking at various habitats from a typical Kendal garden, to the different habitats found up on the high fells where you might find a hawk buzzard or a golden eagle.

Please note that the animals in our Natural History Gallery were not deliberately killed, they were victims of accidents or natural death. We do not in any way encourage or condone the deliberate killing of animals for our collections.

The gallery also has 14 blank panels used for visiting art exhibitions. From January 2014 Greendoor Artists will take up residency of this gallery for a variety of changing exhibitions.

For children:

  • Explore and identify natural history objects
  • Fossil rubbing (as part of the activity packs)
  • Spot animals from the drawings below the cases (not as easy as it sounds!)

Unfortunately the Lake District Natural History Gallery is not accessible to wheelchair users.