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The Hamer Collection

The late John Hamer, of Ingleton, was a potholer and mineral collector who lived to be over 90. During his long life he collected one of the most superb and extensive mineral collections known in the North of England.

The total collection exceeds 2000 specimens and includes beautiful ruby crystals from Myanmar and spectacular tourmaline crystals embedded in quartz from Brazil. But perhaps the most important specimens are those collected from long disused mines in the Lake District, where mineral collecting is now banned, and other regions of northern England. John Hamer rescued superb irreplaceable specimens from these sites, collecting them before deterioration from exposure to the elements occurred.

The entire collection was saved and removed to the Museum where it has been catalogued. This invaluable reference collection is available for research and enjoyment by both geologists and those who are just fascinated by beautiful minerals.

A spectacular display from the collection together with a complete catalogue, original note books, display charts and a map locating mine sites are featured as a new permanent display at Kendal Museum.

Unfortunately the Hamer Collection is not accessible to wheelchair users however, if you make an appointment with the curator we can move minerals to an accessible location.