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17 May 2018 — 12 July 2018
Exhibition poster

Extraordinary Assemblage

Artist: Lucy Wisse

Lucy was born and raised in the Lake District. She recently graduated from Lancaster University with a First-class degree in Fine Art. She has worked in arts in education for many years with various ages and abilities. Currently, she is teaching drama in a Secondary school whilst working on her own practice.

Lucy’s motivation for the sculptural and installation pieces she creates stems from the exploration of contrast between combined materials and affiliation of unfamiliar objects in provoking compositions.

She has an underlying engagement with the interaction and relationship evoked through the placement of challenging mediums. Lucy enjoys playing with the tensions between preciousness, richness and sensuality, juxtaposed with coarseness and sharpness producing ‘inappropriation’ and thought to provoke assemblage.

Often inventive in her approaches, Lucy has developed a visual language pertaining to the symbiosis of sourced objects. Interested in the endless combinations of any one given thing.

Creative Collage

Artist: Stacey Cara Design

Stacey Cara is an artist who delights in mixed media, playing with old materials in new ways. Previously she has worked within the mediums of painting, textiles and sculpture, playing with photography, but more recently has been inspired in working as an artisan, making both stunning and functional art.

“I loved working with wood at school and since building our family home realised I delight in designing and making things of all kinds.

 I take simple, basic items and turn them into interesting, fresh, current, elegant pieces of art. Creating something unique and exclusive with style and finesse”.

“I have created unique items for the museum exhibition and I do hope you enjoy them.

An offering of words of meaning and implication

Writer/Collater: Suzanne Purcell

Suzanne was born in a Lancashire cotton town and is part of a large family of creative people. She studied the arts including mime and theatre before changing tack and becoming a businesswoman. She then went on to study Health and Sociology to degree level and Dementia Studies postgraduate, but creativity has always been at the heart of her path.

She has been journaling since her teens but more ‘seriously’ within the last 12 years. She also writes poetry, essays, and fiction. She is creative in many diverse ways. She is her own muse.

Currently, she is a Dementia Therapist and Carer Support and has included writing by people living with dementia. The creative arts are vital in any therapy as a means of expression when other forms of communication are unreachable.

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